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Dear Santa,

2646 On Sun May 22 Collin said:

pirate playmobil ship

Dear Santa,

2645 On Tue December 01 melano said:

tablet,iPad and phone.

Dear Santa,

2644 On Mon November 30 Tom said:

A new boat

Dear Santa,

2643 On Sun November 29 Sally said:

I wish for a happy family holiday and my boys to do well in college!

Dear Santa,

2642 On Sun November 29 maryann said:

I wish that families could put aside their differences and remember that magical feeling you use to get during the holidays. Today the world in general focus so much on the negative and don't want to be bothered with helping someone in need. Christmas is more than just tossing a dollar in the bucket at your local walmart's salvation army volunteer. You never know what the next person is going through, and just a simple act of kindness could make all the difference in the world. Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,

2641 On Sun November 29 Alison said:

For a healthy, happy family...and peace in our world!

Dear Santa,

2640 On Sun November 29 Will said:

I am wishing for lots of snow on Christmas day!

Dear Santa,

2639 On Sun November 29 Jaiden said:

My wish is to be with my family, and to have a laptop.

Dear Santa,

2638 On Sun November 29 Renee said:

I wish for health, and to be able to provide for my two children.

Dear Santa,

2637 On Sun November 29 Eric said:

Wish that my family has a safe and healthy 2016!