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  • Dear Santa,

    On Oct 19, 2016 Kelly Said:

    Happiness to all!

  • Dear Santa,

    On Oct 19, 2016 Elijah Said:

    iPhone 6s with a Ninja Turtle iPhone 6S Case,Black Skullcandy Ink'd 2 Earbuds and a Red Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket.

  • Dear Santa,

    On Oct 18, 2016 Janel Said:

    Continued good health & happiness for children & family.

  • Dear Santa,

    On Oct 18, 2016 Mark Said:

    Star Wars toys, a pair of skates, marbles, the jelly belly game, a bike and trouble game.

  • Dear Santa,

    On Oct 14, 2016 Anabella Said:

    I really want a white cute shih tzu , snuggie tails, a hover board, neon street rollers, a pogo stick,pottery cool Andy more. Love you Santa!

  • Dear Santa,

    On Oct 11, 2016 Delilah Said:

    We wish for our business to be successful.

  • Dear Santa,

    On Oct 10, 2016 Prathiksha Said:

    I wants a huge barbie set and a kite.

  • Dear Santa,

    On Oct 02, 2016 Emmah Said:

    German Shepherd puppy (real) barbie dog pool

  • Dear Santa,

    On Sep 27, 2016 Angela Said:

    Dearest Santa, all i want for Christmas is for my long time male companion to propose to me. i have been praying, waiting and keeping the faith. i know he will soon, but can you help me by whispering in his ear this Christmas. thank you.

  • Dear Santa,

    On Sep 22, 2016 Emmarie Said:

    Dear santa,
    I would like 3 barbie dolls. A barbie dollhouse. A princess bike for a six year old girl. A laptop. $500 dollar check or gift card. Jordans, size 7. Black or red Dre beats. A 24 year watch, basketball shorts...size M. 3 month old little boy clothing. I am a 19 year old girl and all this stuff is for my son and my niece that I take care of and my boyfriend. I don't need anything this year.



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