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Recent Wishes

  • Dear Santa,

    On Aug 26, 2016 chris Said:

    world peace

  • Dear Santa,

    On Aug 31, 2016 Laura Said:

    A $2 off coupon

  • Dear Santa,

    On Sep 02, 2016 Gracie Said:

    Nice markers for drawing. Good drawing paper. Good health for sick children. Peace on earth.

  • Dear Santa,

    On Sep 03, 2016 Ivan Said:

    I want a iPhone 6 plus, a hoverboard and a puppy

  • Dear Santa,

    On Sep 05, 2016 Lyle Said:

    A laptop and Kentucky Derby 2017 tickets

  • Dear Santa,

    On Sep 07, 2016 Margarita Said:

    To buy a home that my mother and children can live under one roof.

  • Dear Santa,

    On Sep 08, 2016 Alfredo Said:

    I wish for 20th Pokemon anniversary and I wish for nintendo 3ds xl yellow pikachu American import console and I wish for nintendo 3ds xl animal crossing new leaf american import console and nintendo wii u super Mario maker deluxe set and super smash bros wii u and super smash bros 3ds and luigi mansion dark moon 3ds and I wish for pokemon assecceorriess for nintendo 3ds xl and I wish for playstastion vita borderlands 2 bundle and persona dacing all night disco fever collection american import game Playstation vita and Playstation 4 call of duty black ops 3 console and Xbox one 500gb console and I wish for pokemon exclusive and I wish for gameboy advance sp pikachu yellow brand new American import console and sonic advance and sonic advance 2 and sonic advance 3 and sonic battle and sonic pinball party and I wish for beats headphones color green and I wish for iphone 7 plus gold white 65gb and iPad mini white 32gb and apple watch blue and iPod touch blue white 32gb and iPod nano green 32gb and iPod shuffle green 2gb and apple MacBook laptop pro and I wish for pokemon cards and pokemon toys and pokemon monopoly and I wish for is $500 GameStop gift card and $500 best buy gift card and $500 Amazon gift card and $500 kindle fire gift card and $500 iTunes gift card and $500 visa gift card and I wish for the legend of zela. Santa clause I am 26 year old boy and I have is velocardiofacial syndrome is most common syndrome after Down syndrome.

  • Dear Santa,

    On Sep 14, 2016 Lauri Said:

    A happy healthy year!

  • Dear Santa,

    On Sep 22, 2016 Emmarie Said:

    Dear santa,
    I would like 3 barbie dolls. A barbie dollhouse. A princess bike for a six year old girl. A laptop. $500 dollar check or gift card. Jordans, size 7. Black or red Dre beats. A 24 year watch, basketball shorts...size M. 3 month old little boy clothing. I am a 19 year old girl and all this stuff is for my son and my niece that I take care of and my boyfriend. I don't need anything this year.


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